Early Berthoud

Berthoud is a semirural town located in both Larimer and Weld counties. Berthoud had its roots in the early 1860s when it was a stagecoach stop near the Little Thompson River. After the settlement of Berthoud moved a mile north of its original position, the fertile banks of the Little Thompson River made it a robust agricultural community. The Colorado Central Railroad played a crucial role in the town’s relocation and subsequent growth. It carried agricultural products out of Berthoud while simultaneously bringing in immigrants, travellers, and labourers. Indigenous people such as the Arapaho, Cheyenne, and the Ute lived in Little Thompson valley before the arrival of white settlers. Due to increased immigration by white settlers in the 1860s, these indigenous people started migrating from their land either voluntarily or by force. By the late 1860’s most of the indigenous population had been forced out by the whites, while the remaining population signed treaties that restricted them to living West of the Continental Divide.

Modern Berthoud

The twentieth century brought crucial developments to Berthoud. The construction of the Carter Lake reservoir brought many workers and planners who lived in Berthoud and brought increased income into the town. By 1954, construction was done, and the reservoir was full, bringing a much-needed water supply to the town and providing a recreational area.

The town of Berthoud has, however, faced challenges in recent decades. In 2007, the Colorado Department of Transportation rerouted Highway 287 to the north and west of Berthoud, thus bypassing downtown Berthoud. This diversion decreased visitors to Berthoud’s downtown businesses, decreasing their income and prospects for growth. However, agriculture has always been viewed as historically significant to Berthoud. However, it declined and was replaced by the construction and manufacturing industry when residential building houses became more profitable than running farms.

Berthoud is currently home to over 5500 people. It offers its residents the perks of living in a small town while having easy access to larger cities such as Denver, which is 50 miles away, Boulder(30 miles), Fort Collins(27 miles), and Loveland(7 miles). Berthoud currently boasts nine parks and has also become home to the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy headquarters since 2002

Recreational sites in Berthoud

The natural environment is a vital part of the Berthoud community as it has provided ample space and beautiful scenery for recreational sites. Some of these recreational centres include;

  • Tournament Players Club – This recreational establishment is an 825- acre golf community located between three of Berthoud’s reservoirs. It started being operational in 2020. The location was chosen due to the large tract of land and easy access from the northern Front Range. This course has brought residential and commercial development to Berthoud by drawing tourists interested in playing golf and watching tournaments.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park – This spectacular range of mountain environments sits on 265,807 acres and is conveniently located under sixty miles from Berthoud. This park is one of the most visited in the country as it is mainly known for its mountainous landscape with over one hundred peaks. The park is accessible to visitors by horseback, on foot, or by vehicle, with the most notable vehicle route being Trail Ridge Road. Outdoor camping is also available and offers an unforgettable nature experience.
  • Fickel Park – This park is located in the heart of Berthoud. You will see beautiful sculptures from local artists on display throughout the park and a well-equipped tennis court. The main attraction in the park is the numerous picnic tables and ample shade, which makes it a perfect spot for residents to enjoy the scenery while bonding with friends and family.
  • Bein Park – Located on Spartan Avenue and 10th Street, this park is known for its soccer fields. Surrounding the fields is a walking/running trail equipped with fitness stations along the route to ensure your safety and comfort as you work out.

Education Centres In Berthoud

Berthoud offers its residents quality schools that are guaranteed to offer quality education to your young ones and allow them to nurture their talents and skills in different fields such as sports or the arts. Some of the schools located within Berthoud include; Berthoud Elementary School, Berthoud High School, Ivy Stockwell Elementary School, and Turner Middle School.

Living In Berthoud

Berthoud mainly consists of blue and white-collar jobs. Many people work in management occupations (13.90%), office and administration (12.48%), and jobs in the sales industry(6.08%). An interesting fact about the economy in Berthoud is that a large number of people work from their homes; these workers are mainly telecommuters who work white-collar jobs, while others are self-employed individuals who run small businesses.

Overall, Berthoud is a beautiful place to live. It offers a combination of good quality schools, low crime rates, and a high rate of homeownership in popular neighbourhoods such as Colony Ridge. Berthoud is a somewhat ethnically-diverse town with most of the population being white, followed by Native Hawaiian. Since Berthoud is a relatively sleepy town, it may not be the best fit if you want to live in a town that has a vibrant nightlife. However, if you want to raise a family, this town may be the best fit for you.