Eaton is a statutory town located in Weld County, Colorado. Eaton is a part of the Greely, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Front Range Urban Corridor.

Eaton’s geography

Eaton is located at 40°31′46″N 104°42′47″W on the Colorado-Cheyenne, Denver and Wyoming mainline of the Union Pacific Railroad along US Route 85. It is about 7miles north of Greeley, Colorado. According to the 2020 United States census, Eaton has a total land area of 2,023 acres, with all of it being land and sits on an elevation of 1,475 m.


According to the 2020 United States census, Eaton has a population of 5,802. It is a 32.92 % increase since the 2010 United states census.

History Of Eaton, Colorado

The town of Eaton is named after Benjamin Harrison Eaton. He was a pioneer of irrigation in the area, and he figured out ingenious ways of transforming the dry prairie of the Great plains East of the Front range in Colorado. He converted those arid prairies into thriving agricultural regions by bringing water from the Rocky Mountains. in the latter half of the 19th century. Much of the farming practices carried out in modern-day Eaton still depend on the irrigation systems developed by Eaton. Eaton would later serve Eaton as its governor from 188 to 1887. Eaton was incorporated in 1892 and was first named Eatonton to avoid mix-ups with the Easton post office in El Paso County. Eaton would later change its name to Eatonville, but the last syllable of Eatonton was dropped, leaving the name Eaton which persists to date. When its first citizens began settling in Eaton in the 1880s, the town had limited economic options, and most residents worked on the irrigation ditches from Eaton to Greeley.

The Education System In Eaton

Eaton’s school systems are committed to delivering the best education to your young ones. The town’s schools are mainly centred in the Eaton school district. Some of the learning institutions in Eaton’s school district include;

Eaton High School. Students and staff from this institution refer to themselves as Eagles. Every staff member and student is committed to cultivating a positive school culture where Eagles seek opportunities to invest in themselves, the school and the larger community. The school invites human resource professionals from many fields to the Grow Our Home event, where the school aims to equip the learners with all the necessary information to make informed career decisions. The school also supports extracurricular activities to help the students discover and nurture their talents.

Eaton Middle School. This school is located at 814 Camden Road and offers high-quality middle school education. The school is also keen on developing talents in its students; to this end, the school is organizing a comprehensive sports physical test for all its athletes on May 25 to ensure and safeguard the health of its students!
Galeton Elementary School.
Benjamin Eaton Elementary School

The town of Eaton has no colleges; however, there are 42 colleges, all within 100 miles of Eaton. The closest colleges are;

  1. Aims Community college, which is 8.5 miles from Eaton
  2. The University of Denver is the top-rated college in the area.
  3. The University of Colorado in Boulder is the largest enrollment.

Living In Eaton, Colorado

Eaton is considered one of the best places to live in Colorado. It offers its residents a rural feel. Most of them are homeowners. The highly-rated public schools in the area are a plus if you raise a young family. Some of the best neighbourhoods in Eaton are;

  • Loveland
  • Wellington
  • West Eaton
  • Gingers Farm
  • Eaton Commons

Eaton’s Job Market

Eaton has many companies and businesses that can offer you employment and a livable income. The top employers in the town of Eaton are;

  • McDonald’s
  • Eaton Country Club
  • Heritage Market
  • JC Fodale
  • Eaton School District RE-2
  • Brady Trucking
  • Agfinity, Inc.

Recreation Places In Eaton, Colorado

Eaton offers recreational centres where you can unwind and take a break from the hustle of daily life. The most common attractions in the area include;

  • Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum – It is a unique attraction in Eaton, where over 1,000 vintage washing machines are displayed. This establishment was founded by Maxwell, a Guinness World Record holder winning the ‘Largest Washing Machine Collection’ title in 2000. To view this unique attraction, you will have to book an appointment by phone or mail.
  • Two by two petting zoo – This barnyard petting zoo is a great educational addition to any event and promises animal lovers close contact with their favourite animals.
  • Eaton area community centre – It is a multigenerational community centre that features an activity for every age; a staging area; child watch room; a large gymnasium; a leisure pool equipped with a water slide; interactive play features; a second level jogging track; interactive play features; recreational lap lanes and a lazy river; a group fitness room and weights and other fitness equipment area.
  • A.J Eaton House Museum – It is the original home of Eaton, after whom the town was named after. A.j Eaton built this red brick two-story house in 1887-1888, and its expansive grounds took up an entire block. The property featured an orchard and numerous flowers and trees. This property is an attraction to those interested in seeing where one of the most influential people in Easton lived.
  • Aero-cruise Balloon Adventures – This attraction offers year-long hot air balloon rides and the stunning Colorado front range. The company promises spectacular views and a memorable adventure.
  • Eaton Country Club – It is a historical centre and has featured watered fairways, a driving range, and aesthetically pleasing views where families, athletes, professionals, and retirees can come to unwind.