The city of Evans is a home rule municipality found in Weld County, Colorado, USA. Evans is considered part of the Greeley, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Front Range Urban Corridor. As of 2020, the city population was 22,165, and this was a 19.57% increase in population since the 2010 United States Census.

The city sits at an elevation of 1,418 m and sits 27.26 kilometres squared. Evans is located at 40°2′25″N 105°3′28″W and has a total water coverage of 220 acres.

History Of Evans, Colorado

The winter of 1869 saw excitement sweep across the little town of Evans, Colorado, as the Denver Pacific Railroad finally completed the railroad track that connected Denver to the Union Pacific line in Cheyenne. It transformed the sleepy town of Evans into a central hub for travellers and became home to the railroad superintendent’s office. Evans welcomed new settlers almost daily, ranging from farmers, educators, veterans, innkeepers, and business people in its early days. Evans was named after the second Territorial Governor of Colorado, John Evans; the town was established in 1867 and served as the county seat of Weld county twice before Greeley took up the position. Evans was incorporated in 1885.

Modern-day Evans

Modern-day Evans is a bustling city along the South Plate River and has diverse primary commercial areas located along US 85 and 37th and 23rd Street. As the city expands to the west and south of the South Platte River, new commercial areas are being developed to meet the city’s economic needs.

Neighbourhoods In Evans, Colorado

Evans is a beautiful and safe community near Greeley and Garden City. Finding employment is relatively easy. With many new homes being built within the city and updates to existing neighbourhoods, the city promises to offer even better value in the future when it comes to housing. The most desired places to live in Evans are in the central parts of the city, while more affordable homes are located in the southeastern regions. Homes in Evans are relatively cheap compared to other parts of Colorado, and the prices are below the state average. While the more expensive neighbourhoods offer better security, Evans’s general quality of communities is still good.

Some of the popular communities are;

  • North Point
  • The Ridge at Prairie View
  • Willowbrook
  • Cave Creek
  • Chappelow Village
  • Sundown

Learning Institutions

Evans has a good quality education system with a range of schools trusted by the community to deliver quality and relevant education to the children of Evans. Some of the schools in the area are;

  • Chappelow k-8 Magnetic School – It is a magnet school located in Evans, Colorado. The school is found within a mid-sized suburb setting. The school boasts a minority enrolment of 61.5% and a teacher ratio of 18:1, which mirrors that of the district.
  • Prairie Heights Middle School – This school is located on 65th Avenue in Evans, Colorado, in the Greeley School District. It is a public school that focuses on academics with offers of Saturday and after-school classes to ensure that your child maximizes their potential.
  • Union Colony Elementary School – It is a charter school and, as such, has the freedom to determine the education -process based on the needs of the students. The institution believes that its well-trained teachers should be involved in a collaborative approach to assessing the culture and curriculum used at the school. Although the elementary school was founded mainly to prepare students to join their secondary campus, Aim Community College, the knowledge and skills imparted to the students will help them succeed wherever they choose to go.
  • Heiman Elementary School – The school aims to nurture learners that are leaders and who do not give up on their goals, encourage others and give their best in every situation.
  • Centennial Elementary School – It is a public school in the Greeley School District where all staff members, students and parents, and community members work together to provide a conducive environment for learning. This institution has earned four awards over the past seven years for its top-notch efforts to nurture its students.

Things To Do In Evans, Colorado

Though there are limited options for recreational centres and activities in Evans, its proximity to Fort Collins and Greeley offers its visitors a variety of options. Some of the things to do in and around Evans, Colorado, are;

  • Heritage day – Every year, the town of Evans plays host to Heritage Day. Due to the popularity of the annual event, it now takes place over two days instead of one. The event is usually held in September when the weather is perfect for outdoor activities. The event includes history and culture exhibits, a parade, live entertainment, a fireworks show, hot air balloon rides, and a five-kilometre run. There are plenty of activities for children, and a variety of tasty foods is guaranteed to leave your taste buds yearning for more.
  • Rocky Mountain National Park – The Rocky Mountains are one of the most recognizable icons of the western landscape in America. The park contains over 400 miles of natural mountain environments that lets visitors enjoy the natural ambience through hiking, fishing, wildlife viewing, and mountain biking.
  • Highland Hills Golf Course – This course has allowed golfers to play and develop their skills since 1964. It is located on Clubhouse Drive in Greeley, just up the road from Evans. The course has a variety of tee boxes that make it convenient for players of all ages and skill levels.
  • Moxi Theatre – Moxi is located in Greeley, and its state-of-the-art facilities can seat hundreds of music lovers as they enjoy live music. Their calendar usually involves a variety of local, established and up and coming artists and is worth a visit if you are in the area.
  • Global Village Museum of Arts and Cultures – This establishment is a collection of folk art and historical and contemporary photography worldwide.


Singles and families should consider Evans due to its low crime rate and employment opportunities from top employers such as The Home Depot, State Farm, and Banner Health. Evans also offers a robust education system for your young ones and recreational options for you to unwind from the stresses of daily life.