Garden City is a statutory town in Weld County, Colorado, in the United States. Garden City is a part of the Front Range Urban Corridor and the Greeley, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area. Greeley and Evans border garden City.
According to the 2020 United States Census, the population of Garden City was 227.


The town of Garden City is located at 40°23′41″N 104°41′19″W, and the city has a total area of 72 acres, all of it being land according to the 2020 United States Census.

History Of Garden City

Garden City had its roots in August of 1938 when it was founded to act as a base for saloons and liquor stores that served the residents of nearby Greeley, Colorado. Greely was referred to as a ‘dry city’ due to prohibition laws. When prohibition was lifted in the United States, Greeley voted to uphold the ban, and as such, two liquor stores were closed the following morning by the Chief of Police.

However, there was a ‘wet’ town on the southern edge of Greeley, and the area had a ten-acre property owned by Mrs A.F. Ray. The law required that a petition be filled in Weld county by at least thirty or more residents who also had to be landowners. Mrs Ray sold lots in her cottage camp and cabins for as little as one hundred dollars to meet the threshold for the petition criteria. The petition was denied twice but was finally accepted at the third attempt on August 2, 1938.

Modern-day garden city

Modern-day Garden City is still a small town in Colorado with less than five hundred residents. However, the city is a short drive away from other larger cities and attractions.

Schools In Garden City Colorado

Garden City offers quality education for your young ones and you if you are interested in pursuing higher learning. Although the town itself is small, Garden city has access to twenty-four colleges within 50 miles of the town. Due to the relatively short distances, the schools should be within an hour’s drive from Garden City. Some of the learning institutions in and around Garden City include;

  • University of Northern Colorado is just 0.9 miles from Garden City.
  • University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder.
  • Aims Community College in Greely, 4.1 miles from Garden City.
  • Front Range Community College
  • Salida Del Sol Academy – It is the only bilingual option school in Weld County and serves kindergarten through to eighth-grade students. The school communicates in English and Spanish, intending to create a community where all cultures are celebrated. This school aims to prepare children for educational success and success in their lives.
  • Jackson Elementary School – This institution offers full-day kindergarten, an art program, a choir, and an intramural program. The school provides a diverse environment and supportive education program to prepare your child for a successful future.
  • Temple Grandin School – This special needs institution meets the educational needs of students suffering from Asperger’s syndrome or any similar condition.

Recreation In Garden City

Garden City, covering less than one square mile, has very little to offer recreation. If you are in Garden City and wish to enjoy yourself or maybe experience the best nightlife scene in the area, the best option would be to commute to Garden City’s neighbouring towns, which are larger and have more recreation. Denver, Colorado, is about an hour’s drive away and has a vibrant nightlife with clubs such as Club Vinyl, The Church Nightclub and the Milk Bar, guaranteed to meet your expectations.

Eaton, Colorado, is only an eleven-minute drive away from Garden City and has attractions like the Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum, Eaton’s Commons Park, Eaton Town Square, Two by Two petting Zoo, and Eaton Area Community Centre and the Aero-Cruise Balloon Adventures, among others.

Living And Working In Garden City, Colorado

Finding a job in Garden City can be a challenge due to the town’s small size and population, limiting the number of businesses and companies in the area. The leading employers in the Garden city are the service and hospitality industry with professions such as bartending and hotel management. Many residents are self-employed and run small businesses or work in nearby towns. Teaching is also a significant employer across Garden City in Weld County School District Six.

Living in Garden City offers residents a reduced cost of living which is less than the national average in the United States. The value of homes within Garden city is also lower than the United States average by around 42%, and rent prices are lower. Living in Garden City offers its residents privacy due to the town’s small size and low population. It gives a sense of community since you will be interacting with similar people daily. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods in Garden City, Colorado, are; Victor Way, County Road, La Salle and Osiander Street.