The City of Loveland Forms part of the Loveland-Fort Collins Metropolitan Statistical Area and the Front Range Urban Corridor. Loveland is the most populous municipality and the home rule municipality of Larimer County, Colorado.
The City of Loveland had a population of 76,378 people, according to the United States Census of 2020.


The City of Loveland has approximately 25.5 square miles, including 0.9 square miles of water. Loveland is located at 40°24′17″N 105°5′9″W and sits at an elevation of 1,519m above sea level.

History of Loveland

The area around Loveland in the late 1700s was a thriving hub for French fur trappers. Things, however, started changing when Mariano Medina constructed the first settlement in the area, which was named Fort Namaqua, in 1858. The settlement was a stage station and trading post. The City of Loveland was formed in 1877 along the Colorado Central Railroad, which had just been constructed. The city was named in honour of William A.H. Loveland, the Colorado Central Railroad president. In the first half of the 20th century, Loveland depended on agriculture to drive its economy, with the main crops being sour cherries and sugar beets. 1901 saw the construction of the Great Western Sugar Company factory in Loveland, which offered employment to residents until its closure in 1977. The latter parts of the 20th century saw Loveland’s economy’s diversification as Teledyne and Hewlett-Packard manufacturing facilities were built, among other ventures that offered employment to residents.

Modern-day Loveland

Modern-day Loveland is a bustling tech centre with thriving businesses, recreational centres, and many residential options, making the city viable for someone who wants to relocate from other towns and cities.

Recreation In Loveland

Visitors to Loveland can easily access the city as it is located just an hour drive from Denver International Airport and offers many cultural, historical, and natural attractions. Visitors can also be sure of quality accommodation services within the city’s hotels as they explore the city. Some of the things to do in and around Denver include;

  • Loveland’s Visitor’s Center – Before you set off on your adventure, this centre saves your time that you would have spent online searching for places to visit and things to do. Located in Stone Creek Circle, Loveland’s Visitor’s Centre offers free travel magazines, maps, and brochures than can guide you through the city. The centre also sells wares from local artists.
  • Loveland Museum and Gallery – Loveland Museum was constructed in the 1930s and can be found on Lincoln Avenue. The museum is one of few nationally accredited institutions and has collections of historical exhibits with artefacts and memorabilia from the town’s pioneering era. The museum displays contemporary and historical art from locals and the southwest. Loveland Museum and Gallery hosts special events like guided tours and has child-friendly activities for your young ones.
  • Benson Park Sculpture Garden – There is no shortage of museums and galleries in the area in and around Loveland, and this shows how the locals admire and value art and history. This park is a must-visit for art lovers as it contains beautiful sculptures made from a diverse selection of materials like bronze and glass.
  • Boyd Lake State Park – It is a popular attraction in the summer months as visitors look to cool off from the blistering sun. The park has sandy beaches where visitors can relax and sunbathe after a swim. Fishing and kayaking also occur in the lake while hikers and bikers take to the trails around the park. Camping and RV sites are also available, making this park the ideal spot for outdoor lovers.
  • Rialto Theatre Centre – Located on East 4th Street, this historic theatre offers a variety of entertainment options and can sit around 400 visitors. Independent films and classic films are screened in the theatre, with live performances from touring production companies being available.
  • Grimm Brothers’ Brewhouse – Colorado has the highest number of breweries per capita compared to any other state. It is one of the breweries located on Denver Avenue in Loveland. Visitors can expect a taproom that is open daily, emphasizing old-world German beers.
  • Art in the Park Loveland – It is one of the state’s longest-running arts festivals that draws crowds of artists and fans. The event offers a range of activities for both the young and old, offering many opportunities to meet your favourite artists. A beer garden is offered where you can relax while watching the events.
  • Fort Collins Trolley – This attraction is a short drive from Loveland and offers visitors a peek into what transportation looked like in the early days of Fort Collins. The city runs a renovated streetcar through the downtown area in summer, giving visitors a one-of-a-kind way to experience the historic sites. The volunteer staff will offer local stories and lore throughout the ride, making the trip more enjoyable.
  • Henry’s pub – This pub is located around the downtown area and is a perfect place to unwind for a few hours. It is a family-friendly establishment and is popular among residents.

Learning Institutions In Loveland

Loveland has a selection of top-quality schools that cater to all education levels. Some of the learning institutions in and around Loveland include;

  • Harold Ferguson High School
  • Loveland High School
  • Mountain View High School
  • Thompson Valley High School
  • Aims Community College
  • Colorado Christian University

Living And Working In Loveland, Colorado

Living in Loveland gives residents a suburban feel, and many residents own their own homes. The proximity to airports such as the Denver International airport and a robust school system makes this city an excellent option for prospective residents. Some of the residential neighbourhoods in the city of Loveland are;

  • City Center
  • Little Dam
  • Campion
  • Downtown District

Loveland is host to many businesses and industries which offer employment to its residents.