Masonville, Colorado, is located in Larimer County and is a US post office. Masonville is an unincorporated community, and the Masonville Post Office has the zip code 80541.

Masonville is located at 40°29′14″N 105°12′36″W, with the town being at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The elevation of Masonville is 5,390 feet. The unincorporated nature of the city of Masonville means that getting accurate population statistics is difficult as the United States Census does not cover the area.

History of Masonville

In the 1890s, there was a minor gold rush around Buckhorn Canyon, where very little gold was found. It led to speculation that the rush was set off by James Mason, who platted a town nearby named after himself. The theory says that he did this so that the city of Masonville would accommodate the rush of prospectors who would need accommodation in the area.

Living in Masonville

Masonville is located on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains; therefore, the community and the surrounding areas offer the best mountain living. The community of Masonville also has easy access to urban amenities such as shopping malls, recreation centres, and schools, most of which can be found on the front range. The town of Masonville is near Loveland, Fort Collins, and Denver. Since Masonville is a small town, residents can have a sense of community, and many families tend to know each other. Masonville is relatively safe compared to other cities in the State of Colorado and has a good school district making it a good place if you are looking to raise a family. Some of the most popular neighbourhoods in and around Masonville are;

  • Centennial
  • Water Valley
  • Old Town North
  • Mariana Butte
  • Downtown Fort Collins

Working in Masonville

Masonville, Colorado, is a small town, and therefore employment opportunities may be limited. However, Masonville is a short commute from various larger cities that offer more employment opportunities. Many residents of Masonville commute daily to their places of work. The city has good ratings and an unemployment rate of around 3.7%, which is lower than the national average, meaning your chances of securing a job are higher. Some of the largest employers in the area are;

  • JBS Swift & Company
  • Banner Health; North Colorado Medical Center
  • Vestas
  • State Farm Insurance Companies
  • Boyd Group Services

Education in Masonville

The Thompson R2-J school district serves the area of Masonville town. The Thompson R2-J school district is highly ranked in Colorado as the students within its schools test positively on the ACT tests with scores above the state average. The school district has schools across all levels, from kindergarten to university. Higher learning institutions in the area are;

  • Regis University in Loveland
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Colorado
  • Aims Community College
  • San Joaquin Valley College

Masonville has a wide selection of public schools, with private schools also an option. Some of these schools are;

  • Laurene Edmondson Elementary
  • Big Thompson Elementary School
  • Stansberry Elementary School
  • Liberty Commons Charter School
  • Big Thompson Elementary School


The foothills of the Rocky Mountains provide the area around Masonville with an abundance of wildlife and naturally beautiful scenery that the residents and visitors can enjoy. Masonville is located close to towns that have significant recreation opportunities and centres in Colorado, like Fort Collins and nearby Loveland. If you are in the area, you can take a short drive to visit places such as;

  • Horsetooth Mountain Park – The park offers incredible views of the Colorado Front Range and covers an open area of 2,711 acres for you to enjoy. Elevations in the park range from 5,430 to 7,255 feet, where hikers can come and enjoy the trails. There are also some good vantage points from which visitors can bird-watch and glimpse some of the rare bird species in the area. The park is named after the Horsetooth Rock, visible from the Front Range. Visitors can also visit the Horsetooth falls to marvel at the beautiful waterfalls during the spring season.
  • Fort Collins Museum of Discovery – Located in nearby Fort Collins, this establishment offers exhibition galleries that show the interwoven nature of history and science. It also features the only 360-degree immersive theatre in Colorado, which has engaging events and programs. Their exhibits showcase everything from music, agriculture, and even bicycles. The museum store has a mix of local products and memorabilia, and overall the establishment is sure to satisfy your curiosity.
  • Colorado State University – Take a tour around the campus and enjoy the beautiful sights and brilliant architecture. This is a top learning institution in nearby Fort Collins and is family-friendly so feel free to have your young ones tag along as you enjoy a relaxing stroll.
  • Benson Park Sculpture Garden – Located on Aspen Drive in nearby Loveland, Benson Sculpture Garden has a beautiful and unique outdoor setting showcasing sculptures since 1985. The park currently boasts 172 sculptures on permanent display by world-renowned artists. The garden is open to visitors throughout the year except when the park sets up for the Park show and sale.
  • Devil’s Backbone Open Space and Trail – Located in nearby Larimer County, this space provides a sanctuary for wildlife habitat and a rare plant community. It is a trendy spot for residents and visitors as it gives an ambient and beautiful outdoor environment for exploration. Visitors can hike to burn off some calories while taking in the sights along the trails. Bikers are also allowed to enjoy the activity in the open space. This is also a good picnic spot where you can relax and make memories with friends and family.