Pierce is a statutory town located in Weld County, Colorado. At the 2010 census, the city’s population was 834.

Pierce is located at 40°38′6″N 104°45′16″W, and the town has a total area of 0.7square miles, all of it being land, according to the United States Census Bureau. Pierce is also located along the US Highway 85 just north of Greeley.

History of Pierce

Trace the history of town pierce back to 1869 when the Denver Pacific Railroad Company started constructing a railroad connecting Denver to the Union Pacific Railroad. In August of 1869, the Company laid a side track, and the site was named Pierce, after the president of the Denver Pacific Railroad, General John Pierce. The first building in the small town of Pierce was a boxcar that was placed beside the track. 1907 the Post Office was relocated from the depot on the city’s eastern side to where the Senior Center is now located.

Pierce would, later on, be formally established as a town in 1918. The government gave out land grants, and the people were required to build on the land and a farm to retain possession. Trains were instrumental to the town as they facilitated the transportation of people and goods into the city.

Living And Working In Pierce, Colorado

Pierce is a small town and rural community comprised mainly of farmers and ranchers. Pierce has a few modern businesses located in the town’s centre. As such, Pierce has limited opportunities as far as employment is concerned, with the best prospects being in nearby larger cities with more options. Residents usually commute to their places of work like the town of Greeley, which is just 16 miles away. Living in Pierce hives you a rural vibe and should be considered if you want to escape the city life. There are schools in the area that offer quality education. Some of the employers in the area of Pierce, Colorado, are;

  • Dell Company
  • Genesis Rehab Services
  • Bonnie plants

Pierce is a quiet town surrounded by prairies and a beautiful view of the Rockies, making it a peaceful place to call home. The main residential areas are found along Main Street.

Education In Pierce, Colorado

Pierce being a small town, does not have many schools. The few available schools in the area offer quality education, emphasizing preparing them for college and life in general. More options are available in nearby towns such as Greeley, giving you options when looking for a quality institution to safeguard your child’s future. Some of the schools in the area are;

  • Highland Elementary School – this public school in Pierce has a student population of just five hundred in grades k-5. The institution boasts a student-teacher ratio of 16:1
  • Highland High School – a top-rated high school in the area that offers quality education and focuses on sports and other co-curricular activities.
  • Highland Middle School
  • Morgan Community College
  • Aims Community College

Things To Do in Pierce, Colorado

Outdoor recreation opportunities are scarce in the town of Pierce. The best options are located in the nearby cities and cities. The silver lining is that some of the state’s significant locations are situated around Pierce and are only a short drive away. Some of the things to do and places to visit around Pierce are;

  • Antelope reservoir – It is a reservoir located just three miles east of Pierce. The park offers beautiful views with natural wildlife roaming the area. A reservoir is a popular option for people who enjoy fishing as it has an abundant population.
  • Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum – Located in nearby Eaton, this is a unique attraction that features a massive collection of washing machines from different years. The museum has a group of about 1400 antique washing machines, with the earliest model dating back to 1840. Lee Maxwell Washing Machine Museum also has a beautiful design, and the twenty thousand square foot building is made to resemble an antique laundromat. The museum also holds a Guinness Book of Records for its impressive and unique collection. Visits have to be scheduled in advance to enjoy a personal tour of the museum led by Mr Maxwell himself!
  • Emmaline lake trail – Located just north of nearby Fort Collins, this trail is a must-visit for outdoor lovers in the area. The trail’s first two miles snake around a path leading to the University of Colorado and an adventure of its own. Visitors can enjoy the drastic altitude changes as they burn off some calories on the trail. The lake offers a picturesque view and can also be enjoyed through boats. Bikes are also allowed giving you more options to explore the park. For birdwatchers, the elevation changes offer an opportunity to spot the local and migrating bird species in the area. The trail is open throughout the year to locals and visitors alike.
  • Skydive Orange Skies – Whether you are skilled in skydiving or a total novice, this Company will give you an adrenaline-filled experience that will stick with you. The Company is owned and operated by a National Championship skydiver. The Company prides itself on its top-quality safety standards and has more jumps than any other drop zone in Colorado, 1500 at minimum. The Company is located just outside Denver, Colorado, and is open for bookings year-round except in bad weather conditions.