The town of Superior, Colorado, is a statutory town in Boulder County. The city also has a small uninhabited region that extends into Jefferson County.


Superior is at 39°55′52″N 105°09′33″W, and the town sits at an elevation of 1,675m above sea level. Superior has a total area of 3.972 square miles, of which 0.101 square miles is water. Louisville borders the town to the northeast, Broomfield to the south and east, to the south lies Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge, and US Highway 36 to the west.


The population of Superior was approximately 13,094 people according to the 2020 United States Census, with the total number of households in the town being 4,424. The estimation of age distribution in the city showed that 50.9% of the population in Superior was made up of women, and the median age of its residents was estimated to be 36.3 years. The town had a racial make-up of 76.1% white, 18.8% Asian alone, while Hispanics or Latino made up 6.9% of the population.

History of Superior

The history of Superior primarily revolves around coal mining. The first coal mines in the area were discovered and developed in the latter half of the 19th century. The first coal deposits were found in 1894 on the Hake family farm, with the town reportedly named for its superior coal quality, and the city would be incorporated a few years later on June 10, 1904. Coal was the main driving force of Superior’s economy until oil and natural gas outgrew it in popularity. The result was a decline in coal mining throughout America, with the last coal mine in Superior, the Industrial Mine, closed in 1945. After the fall in coal mining, many residents moved out of the area, and Superior slowly transitioned into a quiet ranching and farming community.

Working And Living In Superior

Working in Superior gives its residents a good working environment with job opportunities available to job prospectors in various sectors. The working population is skilled and highly educated, with 94% of residents over the age of twenty-five being high school graduates, 76% being bachelor’s degree holders, and 33.2% holding a professional or graduate degree, according to the 2020 United States Census and 2020 American Community Survey. The employment rate was also estimated to be 75.3% making the town a good option if you are seeking employment. Many residents in Superior commute to their places of work, with a good number of the workforce working in nearby towns. Some of the largest employers in and around Superior are;

  • The Home Depot
  • Macy’s
  • Walmart
  • University of Colorado Boulder

Living in Superior, Colorado, offers residents a suburban setting, and the town is considered one of the best places to live in Colorado. Most residents of Superior are homeowners, and there are a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, among other amenities which are easily accessible. Superior’s low unemployment rate means that the neighbourhoods are safe. As for education, Superior is a hotspot for families looking for good public schools for their children. The schools in the area are top-rated and highly ranked, and their teachers are among the highest-paid in the region. Proximity to various recreation options makes the town appealing to residents and prospective residents alike. Some of the popular neighbourhoods in Superior are;

  • Calmante
  • Coal Creek Crossing
  • Rock Creek
  • Rock Creek Ranch
  • Saddlebrook
  • Superior Minks

Education in Superior Colorado

Superior is a part of the Boulder Valley School District, which is highly rated and has some of the top public schools in the area, while Superior itself is home to two public schools. Institutions of higher learning in the area are Aims Community College, University of Colorado Boulder, Naropa University in nearby Boulder, and Front Range Community College campuses in the towns of Longmont and Westminster. The other schools in the area are;

  • Superior Elementary School
  • Eldorado PK-8
  • Monarch High School
  • Templeton Academy at Sport Stable
  • Peak to Peak Charter school

Recreation in Superior

Superior has no shortage of recreation opportunities ranging from its parks to festivals, events, and museums. The town has something for everyone making it a good tourist location in the area. Some of the things you can do and places you can visit while in Superior are;

  • Boulder Valley Chili and Beer Fest – It is an annual festival held during the first week of September at Community Park, located on Coalton Road. The festival provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy good food, a wide selection of cold beers, and many family-friendly activities. Most of the proceeds from the festival are used to help the community’s needs. Admission to the event is free!
  • Wildflower Park – This park is conveniently located near downtown Superior and offers a variety of recreation options. Some of the amenities available at the park are volleyball, basketball, bocce courts, and several walking trails to burn off some calories. There is a zip line that towers over the park’s grounds for adrenaline people. The park usually draws more visitors during the weekend and in warm weather.
  • Flatiron Crossing – For those who enjoy shopping, this space in nearby Broomfield has a host of national retail chains like Old Navy and Macy’s. The facility is also home to a 15-screen movie theatre where you can enjoy a variety of entertainment options. Restaurants are also available, offering tasty dishes and a variety of cuisines like the famous Italian dishes.
  • Coal Creek Golf Course – The weather is perfect for golfing in Colorado during the spring and summer seasons. This par-72 facility is famous for its challenging bunkers, well-planned water hazards, and dramatic changes in elevation, which offer breath-taking views of the nearby mountains. The course is friendly to players of all ages and skill levels, with complimentary lessons offered at a small fee.
  • The Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center – Located on West 104th Avenue in Westminster and is widely prevalent among visitors with children. The centre houses many species of beautiful butterflies and shows their exciting life cycles. It is a relatively inexpensive sport to visit to learn something new and marvel at the beauty of creation.
  • Rocky Flats National Wildlife Refuge – This refuge is located along the Front Range and has over 5,000 acres of the natural environment home to many animals. The range is accessible throughout the year and has over ten miles of trails widely popular among amateur photographers, mountain bikers, hikers, and nature lovers.