Best areas for First Time Buyers in Northern Colorado

First Time Buyers Northern Colorado


Are you thinking about visiting or searching for a place to relocate to in the United States? Then search no further because Colorado is the best place for you. According to the data collected by the U.S Census Bureau between 2010 and 2013, Colorado was the fifth top most percentage growth in population. As per the state prediction, the city will still experience growth, especially in northern Colorado. So, if you are planning to invest in a home here, the city has a lot of programs to help those buying a home for the first time.

When considering the advantages and disadvantages of a neighborhood, how do you rate the finest place to buy a home? Well, here are some of the things to think of while buying your first home in Colorado.

Quality of Life

Among many others, the quality of life score was founded on the job market, weather, school structure, crime frequency, and regeneration. When put in order, rooted in the quality of life score, Colorado towns emerged as the top taking 7 of the top 8 spots on the list.

Financial Options

Colorado locals have a way of getting mortgage assistance via Colorado Housing &Finance Authority, which offers some programs and grants to potential home buyers’ thus encouraging home-ownership. For those who can’t raise a fat deposit, you are not left out because you can try an FHA loan which needs 3.5% down payment not forgetting that it’s sponsored by the central government. Another way for those who qualify to buy a home is the down payment plan. Even though every program has certain necessities, it can make a home-ownership goal much more achievable.


Most people think about the weather whenever they hear the word climate being mentioned. However, here, the word climate has a whole different meaning — that is, real estate market where you are planning to live is what is referred to as the climate. How are the prices in this market? Do they usually rise or are they prone to instabilities? Is the value of the current homes below or above your budget? The more you have this knowledge, the better because you are likely to buy at a good price.

That said, here are some of the best cities you should consider as a first-time homeowner in Northern Colorado.

Fort Collins

Fort Collins is the hometown to Colorado State University and Front Range Community College that offers educational chances on different levels. Fort Collins is also a foodie city, with several cafeterias and micro-breweries. It is home to Clydesdales and Budweiser. There is plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities like fishing on the Thompson or Poudre River. Mountaineering is also available in Poudre Canyon or going to Rocky Mountain National Park which is just forty-five minutes away. The history of this old Town wins many hearts, particularly during the winter holidays. It has never been a shame to the residents who have been calling this old town their home.


Loveland is located 74km on the north side of Colorado State. It’s the second most populated city in Larimer County and the 14th among Colorado cities. According to the United States Census Bureau, the population of Loveland was estimated as 72,651 back in 2014. Part of the Front Range Urban Corridor and Fort Collins –Loveland Metropolitan Statistical Area is on Loveland. The land relies a lot on agricultural activities. The main crops were sour cherries and sugar beets. Situated at the south of Fort Collins, Loveland is not only the county seat but also a great neighbor to the city of Fort Collins. The U.S government considers the two towns to be a single municipal area because, for some years, they have progressively been rising towards each other. Loveland has extended its incorporated bounds on the east side to hold the interchanges at Interstate 25(1-25). Highway 34 and the 1-25 joint has become the main commercial center, with the building of shopping hubs such as the Outlets of Loveland and the Promenade Shops at Centerra. Near Highway 34 and the Interstate 25, the Medical Center of the Rockies has been serving local residents with their health needs. Loveland is a great city to live in.


Windsor is situated between the town of Fort Collins home to National University of Colorado, and Greeley, which is home to the University of Northern Colorado, not forgetting Poudre Valley Health System which is a big boss of the city. Between 2010 and 2012, Windsor’s population had increased by 7.7%. The home-ownership percentage in the city is 79.1%. The town is considered rich in community arts for having an exciting history which is a major site for the sugar beet trade in the early 20th Century.


Timnath sits in the middle of Northern Colorado. A new K-5 green-built Bethke Elementary School is found within the Timnath community. In the count of three minutes, you are in a position to gain access to Windsor, Denver, Greeley, and Loveland. You will enjoy the views of the mountain, Loveland’s Centerra, Timnath’s novel super Wal-Mart, Harmony Technology Park and Fort Collin’s new Front Range Village as long as you chose this town as your home. Numerous redevelopments are happening in this city, work, dining, shopping and much more just a few minutes away from your home. One cannot talk of Timnath without mentioning Timnath Ranch North which is found in the Northern part of Colorado, where modest enjoyments of living life are found. Whether it’s organizing a cookout for your comrades or observing your children as they walk to school together, the mood of being home is strongly present. The town is rich with many lands of open space, a big center for furniture, a vast public park, Poudre District Elementary School and last but not least a proposed multi-million dollar modern community recreation. The neighborhoods in this city are perfect for every family setting.


Wellington was named after C.L Wellington, a worker of the Colorado and Southern Railroad. It was created in 1902 and incorporated three years after formation. The town is situated a few kilometers north of Fort Collins. Being a great neighbor to the south, Wellington shares similar recreational opportunities. The town has four different seasons. The summers are warm and enjoyable during the day, while the nights are relatively cold but comfortable with a regular humidity level of 35% year-round. Wellington’s population has been increasing all along, and today, approximately 6,800 residents are proud to call this town their home. The city is located near the state line, so, it’s almost in the middle of two airports — one in Cheyenne, Wyoming and the other one is in Fort Collins-Loveland. Even though Wellington is a small city, it hosts numerous yearly events counting several public sporting events and Christmas cavalcade. Its closeness to Roosevelt National Forest and lots of lakes offer added inducements for outdoor activities.


Putting into consideration factors like affordability, the living cost, market attractiveness, and the nature of life, you will get to choose a good neighborhood to live in Colorado. On the other hand, the neighborhood you select will have a great impact on your life and that of your family. Now that you know some of the best areas in Colorado, the choice is all yours. For more information on buying a Colorado home, checkout the Colorado Home Buyer’s Guide and the Guide on Finding the Right Colorado Real-Estate Agent.