Common Problems With a Colorado Home Inspection Report

Colorado home inspection report


Whether you’re buying your first home or are a repeat buyer, among the most important aspects of purchasing a home is the inspection that takes place before the sale goes through. This inspection will provide you with a detailed look at the overall quality and condition of the home you’re interested in, which will help you determine if you should go through with the sale of the house. The Colorado home inspection report that you receive will provide you with information about any problems that are found throughout the home. You can then use this information to negotiate more repair work or a lower price for the home. 

Roofing Problems

Among the most common and problematic issues found in a Colorado home inspection report are associated with the roofing of the home. The report that you receive will take note of any areas where the roofing isn’t in good condition. The main problems found with roofing include missing roofing tiles, bends, and cracks, the latter of which is the most severe issue since it can lead to moisture damage throughout the rest of the home. The report will also provide you with the age of the roof, which will help you determine if the roof needs to be replaced before you go ahead with the purchase. Even if tiles aren’t missing or cracks have yet to appear in the roofing, it’s possible that the roofing tiles or shingles could be worn down, which lessens the efficacy of the roof. 

Electrical Problems

Electrical problems will also be highlighted in the Colorado home inspection report that you receive. While you can choose to proceed with the conclusions of the report in any way you see fit, it’s highly recommended that all of the electrical problems in the report are dealt with before the home is closed on and the sale goes through. Even small electrical problems can cause fires that can damage or destroy your home, which you’ll want to avoid after making such a large investment. The main electrical problems that you’ll encounter in one of these reports include missing GFCI outlets, electrical panel issues, and outdated electrical wiring, the latter of which is among the most common causes for the start of electrical fires. 

Surface Grading and Drainage Problems

A significant issue that will always be highlighted in Colorado home inspection reports involves any sign of surface grading or drainage problems around the property. These problems could be something as minor as poorly maintained gutters or something as severe as inadequate foundation drains or mold growth under flooring. Cracked concrete could also cause a range of issues along the sidewalks and porch of the home, which may need to be corrected before you move in. If you want the home that you’re interested in to remain in good condition for years to come, it’s essential that the drainage around the property works perfectly. Any buildup of water or leaks around certain areas of the home could lead to such issues as structural failure, wood rot, and mold growth. 

Plumbing and Heating Problems

Among the most important elements of a Colorado home inspection report include the details of the plumbing and heating systems within the home. When it comes to the heating and air conditioning systems, you’ll be provided with information on past cleanings, repair service, and filter replacements, which will give you a firm understanding of the condition of these systems and whether or not they need to be upgraded. The main problem encountered with plumbing involves root intrusion in sewer lines, which is a surprisingly common issue that can be costly to repair and will lead to the buildup of waste materials.

Radon Issues

Radon is a gas that occurs naturally within the rocks and soil in the ground. While this gas is harmless in small amounts, it can cause a range of health issues like lung cancer if it builds up to dangerous levels. A Colorado home inspection report will give you a detailed analysis of any potential radon issues in the home, which primarily includes a lack of radon mitigation installed throughout the home.

Landscaping and Decking

The landscaping and decking around the home will also be looked at to make sure that everything is in order. If there are any invasive plant species in the yard, this information will be provided to you. The same is true of issues like poor garden maintenance, which can take time and money to fix. Any current boundary disputes will also be included in the report. Boundary disputes can lead to substantial legal battles in the future, which you may want to avoid. 


Now that you have a clear idea of the common problems found within a Colorado home inspection report, you should know exactly what to expect when you receive this report.