How to Prepare For A Home Move To Colorado

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Checklist for your Colorado house move


Moving can be both a stressful and exciting time. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or a repeat home buyer, there tends to be a lot to check off the list when it comes to buying a home. This is especially true if you are moving states. 

All the people moving to Colorado are onto something with the gorgeous mountain ranges, peaceful plains, and vibrant city life. There is certainly something for everyone.

As you prepare to move to Colorado, there are a few things you should pay attention to. 

[1] Forward and Update Your Mailing Address

After you tell your friends and family about your new address, be sure to alert the postal service. This way, you will still get your mail at your new home without missing a beat.

[2] Arrange a Moving Service or Schedule a Moving Truck

With a big move like this, you do not want to feel too overwhelmed. Hiring movers to do any of these listed services will save you time, stress, and make your move much more relaxing. 

  • Pack and unpack your belongings 
  • Disassemble and reassemble furniture 
  • Load and unload the moving truck
  • Drive your items to Colorado 
  • Clear out the boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc

If you opt to pack and move yourself, be sure to schedule your moving truck a few weeks in advance. It would be detrimental to your moving deadlines if you arrived at the rental shop and they did not have any trucks available. 

Make sure you have help to load the truck. All that furniture and book boxes can take some heavy lifting!

[3] Set Aside Time To Pack

Instead of leaving all the packing to the last minute, start packing in small increments. This could mean you choose one area of the house to pack at a time like a single closet, just the winter clothes, or only the books. 

Alternatively, you could set a timer and pack as much as you can in that set amount of time each night. 

Packing in bite-sized amounts means you can have an easier moving day of simply loading the truck with everything in organized boxes. 

[4] Square Up Utilities

Utilities are often an overlooked part of moving, especially when switching states. Do not forget to call all of your utility companies and cancel your relationships with them as well as finalize any bills you have. Some utility companies to call include: 

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Cable
  • Wifi
  • Telephone

Along with that, be sure you have your utilities turned on at your new house, so you are as comfortable as possible when you move in and do not have to wait for wifi or heat. 

[5] Pay Attention to Colorado Specifics

Colorado is quite a unique state and there are certain things you should be prepared for. 

High Altitude

Referred to as the Mile High City, Denver and the Westward mountains are no joke when it comes to altitude. Make sure you drink plenty of water, take your time with physical activity, and give yourself some time to acclimate. This may mean you have to take more than one trip carrying groceries up the stairs so you can catch your breath in the thinner air. 


Many Colorado locals are frustrated to the dry air of Colorado. There are three major things you can do to combat that: 

  • Drink a lot of water during the day 
  • Sleep with a humidifier in your room 
  • Use body lotion after every shower and on your hands when you can

Sleep with a humidifier in your room 
Use body lotion after every shower and on your hands when you can

All The Seasons In a Day

Snow, hail, rain, and warm, sunny weather are all very common in the span of a single day in Colorado, meaning you have to be prepared for all types of weather. Layering your clothes is ideal so you can stay warm and shed layers once the sun pops. 


Now that you know what to expect during your move, you should feel more at peace with all the logistics. Make a checklist and get started to ease the overwhelm and make the most of your move to Colorado.