How to stage a Colorado home

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How to stage a Colorado home

You probably landed here in the search for a meaningful way to boost the value of your home before releasing it for sale. You have to consider solutions such as staging, which are proven to helpful for selling new homes. However, there is more to staging a home correctly than the average person might have expected. Fortunately, this guide looks at all that there is to stage a home in Colorado

Reasons Why Staging is Important

There are various aspects of selling a home, and the main one is usually getting the best value for your investment. You should never settle for any low selling price, especially when you can still work to improve the home’s value.

Based on the time and financial support required, staging is one of the most beneficial initiatives that you can make for your home. The average home buyer in Colorado is looking for more than just a roof over their head – they also want a home that is also relevant to their modern lifestyle needs.

Home-staging in Colorado helps ensure that the buyer receives the best value for their money. The reason is that staging helps put you in the correct position to improve all the relevant aspects of the property.
The home staging process is also helpful for potential buyers who don’t often want lots of work when staging a home. The issues that arise in the home make it likely that the investor won’t provide the best investment value for the given products.
A recent report also showed some helpful insights on home staging procedures:

  • 81% of agents mentioned that staging a home makes it easy for buyers to envision their presence in the home.
  • 46% of real estate agents claim that home staging impacts the view that buyers have on any given property.
  • In 2019, the average dollar amount involved in home staging was about $500.
  • The guest rooms and home office are the two most important sections of the house that go through the home staging process.
  • A professional service provider spends up to 70% less time on the staging process than a DIY process.

The Impact of Staging on Sale Price and Time on Market

Based on this recent financial report, close to half of the agents of home buyers mentioned that staging was crucial in the value of a home. The report also indicated that over 80% of buyer’s agents realized that staging impacts the future value of any given property. Specifically, the report showed that staging the living room, master bedroom, and kitchen was crucial in the outlook the home made on a buyer.

The notable changes in the past year have significantly impacted the home buying and selling process. Homeowners today are seeking ways to improve the value of their homes, and this process involves the use of home staging techniques.

Tips for Home Staging

The guide below identifies some of the main tips to consider in home staging:

1. Clean

Hygiene is essential for your property’s impression on potential home buyers. It shows that lots of work have gone into maintaining the property, including the outdoors and indoors. For sections such as the kitchen or the bathroom, ensure that all appliances, countertops, window sills and more are spotless. Your goal should be to make every component in your home look new.

2. Declutter the Space

The next step is to ensure you address all clutter issues that might be making your property look unkempt. You do this to ensure homebuyers can focus on the right features of your home. Clutter is also a significant issue because your home doesn’t have sufficient space.

For this step, start by getting rid of everything that you don’t need, especially items that will no longer be meaningful for anyone. The list of items you should consider can include seasonal clothes, shoes, worn-out car tires, broken toys, and others. The de-cluttering process should include all sections of your home, indoors and outdoors. Doing this will help ensure your property makes an excellent first impression on the potential home buyer.

3. Depersonalize

Buyers often want a home which gives them a fresh start in creating a living identity. Therefore, ensure you remove any memorabilia you might have in the house, such as keepsakes, family photos, or fridge art. Though these are examples, you have to depersonalize your home as much as possible. Doing this helps ensure the buyer finds it easy to envision their presence in the property as new homeowners. If you find it challenging to depersonalize the entire house, consider showing the client rooms that have gone through this process.

4. Focus on Freshness

Making your home look fresh is also a crucial aspect of staging a Colorado home, and there are various alternatives you should consider. A good example would be to set up a few potted plants to help improve the freshness of your home and make it inviting. If you have several plants, ensure you space them out correctly so that they don’t overgrow in any single section.

However, be careful of dead and dying plants so that your home looks organized. The other suggestion is to eliminate the issue and address odours that might occur in the home. It can include pet dander, last night’s dinner, a damp sink, and similar conditions. Affordable techniques to remove the odour can involve using fresh resources such as cinnamon coated apples or cookies.
The other suggestion we recommend is that you use essential oils. The steps involve include:

  • Mix one cup of water with eight to 15 drops of oil in a spray bottle
  • Spray toward the central section of the room.
  • Do this a few minutes before the buyer gains access to the property.

Define Rooms

Ensure that each room has a well-defined function. Each space within the room should also have a designated role. Doing this will ensure buyers can maximize the entire space that exists in your home. If you have a complete attic, covert it into an office. You can also opt to covert a finished basement into an entertainment area. However, the home buyer may not want to use the room for the same application, and you must make each space relevant to their needs. The process will involve addressing sections of the home, including the corners, seats, and nooks.

The Walls

Walls are an essential aspect of the value of your home, which makes them crucial during the staging process. The best suggestion for your walls is to break them down and setting up a new one during the staging process. You should also consider using a neutral colour for the wall, making it easy for the buyer to relate to your home. The home buyers will also appreciate custom colors because this portrays the level of detail involved in the walls.

The Floors

There is no doubt that a home with a damaged or stained floor is unsightly for any home, making a poor impression on potential home buyers. Some products, such as linoleum, tend to be outdated and aren’t unique. While its costly, hardwood floors complement the value and elegance of any modern property. These are low maintenance solutions that complement the long term value of most properties today. They are also suitable for homes that have people with issues such as allergies.

The commonly used aspects of the home such as the bathroom, dining room and kitchen are the most relevant areas to consider when staging a house. The reason is that floor maintenance is sometimes a costly job, and you have to dedicate your budget to the correct functions. Working on the rooms likely to experience the most traffic is crucial for the staging process.


Ensure the furniture you invest in for your property is suitable for the room and its aesthetics. Furniture that is overly large or has an unusual appearance will not be suitable for when you to attract potential home buyers. If you have cheap furniture in your home, try to complement their presence with an excellent interior design structure. There are various interior design ideas that you can consider, and each is easy to customize to suit your home staging needs.

Do You Need a Service Provider?

The home staging process involves various procedures, which can be difficult for the average person to manage. With a reliable home staging service provider, you are sure of technical help in home staging procedures. Usually, such service providers have lots of experience with the consumer market, which they use to provide you with meaningful solutions. The reputable ones also have access to affordable retail product offers, which helps ensure you get affordable results with a compromise on quality.

There is more to staging a home in Colorado than the average person might have expected. You have to consider various steps, factors and solutions involved to help ensure the best results. The home staging process requires an informed approach, and you might have to consider a professional service at some point.