Looking through flaws to see potential in a home

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You might be looking for a new home if you’re moving or downsizing. However, you may notice certain flaws that make you hesitant to purchase that particular home. Some flaws may matter, but other flaws might cause you to overlook the potential in a house. If you want to look towards that potential, then keep these points in mind.

There is No Perfect Home

Many people go out and try to find the perfect home for them. However, the perfect home doesn’t exist. Every home will have some mistake or detail that prevents it from being perfect in your eyes. Due to this, it’s nearly impossible to find a perfect home that you can immediately buy.

Remember that the point of this isn’t to make you feel bad or like you can’t find a perfect home, but to let you know that you need to look past flaws. Instead, you need to get a home with lots of potential and turn it into your perfect home. You can do this as you identify what you like and then work to change what you don’t like.

This gives you a great opportunity to turn a home with flaws into a home that’s perfect for you. Almost every home will have its own problems and flaws, but you can still look and work past them. This comes down to looking at the potential rather than the actual home’s condition.

Consider the Floor Plan

Keep in mind that there are certain parts of a house that you cannot change. Due to this, you should consider what you can’t change when determining the potential of a house. For example, the house may have some clutter, but that won’t be there when you live there. However, the floor plan will be the same, unless you budget in some structural or non-structural changes to the floor plan.

Look over the existing floor plan of the house and see if it’s right for you. Do you prefer lots or windows or less windows? How are the room locations? Do you like the fact that the kitchen is close to the living room? What about a second floor? Questions like these will help you to determine if you like the layout of the house.

While you can remove the clutter and change other parts of it, you can’t change the layout of the home. See if it’s a layout that you like and this will help you to determine if this home has any potential.

Imagine it With Your Furniture

You may see furniture in a home that you don’t like, which could affect your opinion of it. However, this is a flaw that won’t last in the home and will change as you move in your own furniture. However, if there’s dents in the walls from the furniture, then this may pose a problem for you.

However, even a dent can be fixed based on your situation. For example, you could ask the homeowner to deduct the cost of the dent from the value of the home. Otherwise, you can look for another home with more potential, or you can buy the house and fix it yourself. This comes down to how much potential you see in the home.

You should also think about your different pieces and furniture to see if they would work in this home. If you feel like your own furniture will compliment the home, then you could have a house with potential. Don’t allow someone else’s furniture to cause you to turn down a home.

Room Planning

After looking at the different rooms, you can start making plans for what you would want to do with each of them. This includes turning one space into a living room, where you would sleep and any potential offices or theater rooms for you to enjoy your entertainment.

Visit these different homes with ideas and plans in your mind. Know what types of rooms you want in your house and how many rooms you will need based on your family size. This will help you to look at the bigger picture with each home and select one that meets your room needs.

If you can find a house with all of the rooms that you need and want, then it becomes easier to look past the flaws. You can still get everyone and everything where you want them and work past those flaws in the future. If it meets your room needs, then you have a home with plenty of potential.

Changing Decorations

Remember that you can paint and change the decorations of the house. If you go into a home and notice a gross color that you don’t like on the walls, then keep in mind that you could paint those walls. You shouldn’t let that specific color affect your overall opinion of the house because you can change it if you don’t like it.

This goes beyond just wall colors and can include floors. Some homes have carpet in the kitchen or tile floors in other areas. You may want to add tiles to your kitchen or swap out tiled areas with wooden floors. Imagine your home with these different features and decorations so that you can consider its potential even further.

Of course, you need to keep money in mind as you think about these points. If you can’t afford these changes, then you may want to look into a different home. However, depending on your position, you could consider these changes and replacements to decorations if you want to create your dream home from one with potential.


You need to consider homes that may have some flaws if you want to find one that’s perfect for you. Remember that you can work past those flaws and get a home that you like in the long run. It comes down to finding homes with the potential to become your dream home by looking past and solving those flaws later on. Plagiarism Check