Popular Parks near Residential Areas in Northern Colorado

Northern Colorado Parks

Parks are some of the most picturesque and enjoyable places that can be found within a short distance of civilization. They expose you to nature, encourage you to exercise, improve social and psychological health, and they have numerous benefits in the ecological well-being of the planet. Besides, people need green spaces to unwind and relax. If you’re looking for a home in Northern Colorado, finding a place near some green space will make it easier to plan weekend activities with the family as well.

Fort Collins

Fossil Creek Park

Fossil Creek Park is a real jewel. It has practically everything anyone could possible want – baseball fields, tennis courts, basketball courts, a skate park, an in-line hockey rink, and a dog park. Right in the center of these sports magnets is a wonderful playground, with a huge mammoth right in the middle, on which children can climb. The equipment is diverse enough so that it can challenge any age group.

Whether you visit in the summer or winter, you will find fun and interesting things to do. During the summer, a water park next to the duck-filled lake will provide loads of fun for the kids, and during the winter months, they can slide down the huge hill to enjoy the feeling of sledding.

Enjoy beautiful scenery, which includes mountain views, walking trails, and bike paths, or have a very alfresco experience with a picnic around the lake with friends or family.

Creekside Park

As the name implies, a creek runs through this adorable little park. It is a perfect place to have a quiet picnic or take a power nap as you listen to the water streaming over the rocks as it courses its way through. A nice path for biking or strolling is a wonderful addition. A monument to the memory of the 1997 flood victims is prominently displayed as a reminder of the terrible loss that occurred.

The park has lots of shade trees under which you can while away the hours on a perfect summer day. Read a book, do a puzzle or daydream. Any of these activities will give your mind a rest and provide a wonderful way of winding down.


Outdoor pursuits are common in Loveland. City, county and state parks are strewn across this lovely area. Depending on what you want, there is something for everyone.

Fairgrounds Park

As one of the city’s newest parks, it boasts a dog park, playgrounds, batting cages, a skate park, ball fields, a basketball court, and a spray park that is open during the summer months. Big Thompson River runs alongside of the park and is paralleled by a paved trail. Pavilions are available with electrical outlets and grills for family get-togethers. Modern restrooms and drinking fountains provide essential comforts.

Boyd Lake State Park

As Loveland’s largest park, it is sure to please every taste. From hunting and fishing to hiking and biking, this state park is the crème de la crème of needed green space. It is a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Other activities include boating and picnicking. Enjoy summer concerts in the pavilion, or take advantage of the volleyball court, or horseshoe pits. For smaller children, an age-appropriate playground is available and easily accessible. Have a dip in the 1700 acre lake; then relax on the sandy beach. What a beautiful end to a day filled with family fun.

Camping is also available. Enjoy 148 RV sites, showers, electric hookups, and 148 tent sites. This is one of the most family-friendly ways to connect with nature and to enjoy a sense of peace and wonder.


Timnath Community Park

One of the most distinctive points about this park is its summer concert series, which is a multi-week event, showcasing musical talent from throughout the state. Residents bring lawn chairs and blankets to enjoy this musical extravaganza under the stars. Food trucks supply substantial fare so that you will not go hungry. Other happenings throughout the year include such events as a BBQ Cook-off contest.

This 10-acre park may be small, but it has many of the amenities of much larger parks. It boasts a climbing boulder, swings, and play equipment for the kids and a sheltered picnic area for family gatherings. An amphitheater is quite a coup for a small park, but it is a vital part of the ongoing efforts to create a park that will be appealing to all residents

Timnath Reservoir and Park

The reservoir is leased by the town of Timnath, and the residents have free access to it for boating, fishing (from a boat), and swimming. While “shore use” passes can be had at no charge, “surface use” passes are fee-based. Shore use refers to general recreation on the shore, such as picnicking and fishing. Surface use refers to the operation of a boat, water skiing and fishing or swimming from a boat.

In addition to its water-related activities, it is also a popular place for bird watching as it has quite a large number of different species of birds.


Boardwalk Park

This unique park has a walking trail that loops Windsor Lake. In addition to the lake, it offers the Town of Windsor Museum and a turf amphitheater. Other amenities include a playground, volleyball, fishing, boating and a delightful swim beach. It also has a nice dog park, so you can bring your pooch with you for a family outing. Both motorized and non-motorized boating is allowed, as well as the opportunity to rent paddle boats, canoes and kayaks.

Eastman Park

Eastman offers soccer fields, easy access to Poudre biking trail, and a fenced-in dog area that is separate from the rest of the park. The fishing pond is great for all ages, and the playground is large enough to accommodate many children at the same time. Its idyllic green fields are soothing and calming, and they offer an incredibly tranquil setting.


Wellington Community Park

This relatively new park features 30 acres of activities for the entire family. It includes a splash pad, which is very popular with the kids during summer months. As exciting as that is for the kids, the park also has a pond, a dog park, and lit baseball fields.

The two different age-appropriate playgrounds provide fun for the typical family who has varying ages within the household. Batting cages offer practice swings for little leaguers, as well as other ages. Hiking trails provide easy strolls for reflection and relaxation, and the open turf area offers a restful place for the eyes to rest. Barbeque grills make it convenient for families to gather for a special outing or simply to have time together in the wide open spaces.

Centennial Park

This is Wellington’s oldest park and one of its smallest. Only 1.75 acres, it packs a big punch with its jungle gyms, playground, skate-park, basketball court, picnic tables and large, shady pavilion. The large green space is always preferable to paved areas.

The summer months bring in the Farmer’s Market and movies in the park. Both are always favorites of residents.


Whatever reason you find to visit a park, it is sure to provide a place to reflect and relax or to be active physically, and it gives kids a place to play outside and interact with nature. Whether you visit a neighborhood park or pack up for a weekend or week-long stay in state or national parks, you will find that they benefit your health and your environment. Babbling brooks, meandering paths, and the sounds of nature all come together to produce the calm serenity that is inherent in Mother Nature.