Tips on How to Handle Property Line Dispute

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Colorado Boundary Disputes

Property ownership has been a great achievement for many. Home buying in your area of choice also generates some sense of happiness. It is important to understand that some of the issues could strike later on, and you might deal with boundaries disputes. Robert Frost indicated that good fences make good neighbors, and you need to invest in some of these solutions. Although having a good fence is great or even having a tree as your property line, this could also be a source of an argument with your neighbor. Panicking because of a property line issue is not good since these disputes can be resolved easily. Some of these boundaries disputes could turn ugly.

What is a Property Line Dispute?

A property line dispute is also known as a boundary dispute. It is a disagreement between two neighbors occupying neighboring properties. Notably, these boundary disputes are triggered when one of the neighbors decide to erect a fence to secure their premises or other reasons. Upon constructing these fences or walls in areas where the two neighbors have different views about the boundary line, a looming legal battle will ensue.

Winning a Boundary Dispute

Dealing with a boundary dispute without proper information could be very risky and costly for you. Checking the dispute’s land’s value will help you know if the case is worth battling in a court of mediation can resolve. As you look forward to winning a boundary dispute, you must commit to getting an amicable solution before the cost related to this matter star to pile up. However, to avoid the cost spiral, you might be required to compromise, and this applies to both parties involved.

How to Resolve the Boundary Dispute?

Although arguments exist between the neighbors when a boundary dispute arises, getting an amicable solution before things get out of hand will be a great chance to save time and money. Any property line dispute will escalate when the two parties are unwilling to give in and resolve the matter among themselves. Taking time to listen and discuss the matter calmly before escalating will be a recommendable move. Since boundaries can be unclear, you should expect anything, including misunderstanding. Besides, avoiding the blame game in the early stages of the property line dispute boundary will help you resolve the matter at hand amicably. However, when things get out of hand, you will need to find better ways to resolve the matter. Dealing with property line disputes will be well resolved when you follow a few instructions. Read more through this content to see some of these tips.

[1] Stay Civil

When you are faced with such property line disputes, ensure that you stay composed and avoiding getting into issues that could result in ugly scenes. The disagreement between you and your neighbor should not be linked to months or even years of anger. If you vent your anger on your neighbor due to accumulated issues in the past, you will be escalating the matter, and no solution will be arrived at. Keeping your temp in check will help you resolve property dispute issues calmly and quickly.

[2] Seek the services of a Surveyor

Although Do It Yourself solutions are here, you should ensure that you do not make educated guesses on some matters. Property line issues should not be subjected to educated guesses. Many people know and are convinced where the line’s exact location, and this is not a clear remedy to your dispute case. Engaging a surveyor will be a great step that you must no avoid. When you hire a surveyor, you are assured that you will get documented proof o help you resolve the matter at hand. You need about 330 to 670 US dollars to hire a surveyor to resolve property line-related cases. However, the cost of hiring a surveyor is not fixed depending on the location or the size and history of the plot.

[3] Community Laws

Depending on your City, property line shows are bound to be different. Property line laws differ from state and city, and understanding these laws will be a great chance to be safe. Even before choosing to go head-to-head with your neighbor over a property line dispute, ensure that you have a better understanding of the laws that will apply.

[4] Work On Local Agreements

Before escalating the matter to the court or even an attorney, reaching out to an agreement with your neighbor will be a crucial move. You will be getting better results, which are cheap, easy, and fast when considering local ‘neighbor-to-neighbor’ agreements. Since you do not want to get into a similar position later in, signing a deed with your neighbor documenting property line agreement is a vital space. Signing these deeds might seem as easy as 1,2,3, but a slight mistake could cost you later. You must ensure that you work with an attorney who will guide you through the process of signing the deed. Upon signing the deed with the help of an attorney, reporting this to the land registry office.

[5] Mediators

There is a lot of pressure involved in the property line issue. Working hand-in-hand with a mediator. You must realize that mediators are here to deliver the services you need at a low-cost and low-stress. If your neighbor cannot sit down to resolve some of these matters, getting a professional mediator will benefit you. Checking out for the best mediator who is qualified will help you resolve your property line dispute.

[6] Having an Attorney to Send a Letter

Although you might have tried to resolve the matter with your neighbor, you must consider talking to your lawyer. Your attorney will send a letter to your neighbor addressing your concerns. Upon receiving this letter, your neighbor will understand that you mean business before pushing this matters further to seek legal action. Important information, such as property line violation and the remedy to resolve this situation, should be well highlighted in the letter sent to your neighbor.

[7] Lawsuit Filing

A lawsuit should be the last thing that clicks into your mind whenever you are faced with a property dispute case. Notably, lawsuits are known to cost huge chunks of money, and better still, they are time-consuming since this could spin up to months or years before a solution is found. However, when this is the last option you have, you need to ensure that you get a lawyer nearby who has handled similar property dispute cases. Besides, the attorney you choose should be familiar with the state and also local laws. Your home life will be full of discomfort every time you reflect on the neighbor dispute between the neighbors.
One way to be safe and increase the chances of success is to equip yourself with information. Ensure that you seek advice from an experienced real estate lawyer every time you need to get proper advice. Upon seeking council from the relevant real estate lawyer, you are assured that this will protect you from making some dangerous moves. Additionally, the advice given could also help bring the disagreement to an end sooner than you would have thought.


Since boundary disputes could be expensive, you need to avoid the possibility of getting to the Land Tribunal or even court for a determination hearing. Working out with your neighbor and knowing when you escalate the matter to your lawyers and the court will be a great step. Many property line dispute cases have cost much more than the complainant would have expected, thus regretting their decision to seek court or land tribunal determination. These property line disputes will be there; you, therefore, need to make a sober decision about how to handle them.