Top Furniture Sellers in Colorado

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Colorado Furniture Stores

Buying the best furniture for your home is more about getting the right dealers. Before you start looking for your house’s ideal future, it is essential to know what you are looking for. Based on your budget and home décor, here are some of the top furniture sellers in Colorado you should consider contacting.

[1] Artesanos Design Collection

Initially, this was a store that only imported Mexican goods. Fortunately, it has grown exponentially in the past two decades. Today, it is regarded as one of Colorado’s best places to find irresistible hand-crafted furniture for your space.

You will find both old and new furniture designs to accentuate your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. The showroom is strategically placed and measures around 5,000 square-feet. Highly experienced, world-class artisans create the products.


Address: Address: 700 E 2nd Ave, Durango, CO 81301

[2] Boulder Furniture and Mattress

Boulder furniture and mattress is for those looking for both quality and affordability. They also offer top-notch customer support services as the store has been in the industry for 15 years. It is an authorized company that deals with bamboo furniture, innovative living, coaster, and night and day furniture.

Through the years, Boulder Furniture and Mattress has gained experience in serving the needs of a wide range of clients. Most of their products are uniquely designed, thereby making them stand out.


Address: 5440 Arapahoe Ave, Boulder, CO 80303

[3] The Downtown Farmgirl

It is more of a rescue, rehab, and restore. The store is situated in the historic downtown area and provides excellent services to its customers. Barn doors, old windows, and other abandoned pieces are reworked and turned into refinished furniture.

Other items they deal with include antiques, primitive and vintage décor, general finishes, milkhouse candles, e.t.c. The workshop remains operational throughout the year and is worth visiting when you need unique furniture for your home.


Address: 311.5 S Union Ave, Pueblo, CO 81003

[4] Broyhill of Denver

Broyhill of Denver has furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and home offices. Most of its customers come from Denver and its environs. The company has an exquisite website where you can shop and have your products delivered to the doorstep.

Though Broyhill of Denver might not be an old furniture seller, they know how to meet their clients’ needs. Therefore, if you are in Colorado, they are worth giving a visit. They also have some of the best entertainment room furniture in Colorado.


Address: 10180 East Colfax Avenue Aurora, CO 80010

[5] Su Casa

This store is located in Salida, a small town that is full of style. The showroom measures 11,000 square feet and has some of the most affordable furniture in Colorado. The products are also designed so that you won’t resist, be ready with your money.

They have everything that your house will need, such as living and dining room furniture, lighting systems, and pieces of rugs. The small company has manifested consistent growth through the years and keeps introducing newer items that you will love.


Address: 15403 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO 80017

[6] Holman House Furniture

This is one of the most trusted sellers in Colorado. However, you must understand that you might not get exactly what you are looking for at times. Therefore, you might need to get furniture from them and customize it to fit your taste and preference.

The company is located in Grand Junction and provides some of the most affordable products in the region. You will enjoy choosing from some of the latest styles and designs that you and your loved ones will appreciate. They have ottomans, bedroom seats, sectionals, chaises, and the list goes on. Talk to their support team for more information.


Address: 2494 US-6 and 50, Grand Junction, CO 81505

[7] Columbine Showroom

Columbine Showroom is a company that is owned and managed by a small family. However, that does not mean you won’t get what you are looking for. They deal in a wide range of furniture, some are expensive and can only be afforded by established individuals.

If you are not sure what you can get from the showroom, be sure to visit their website and look at the items they have for you. On the website, you can contact the team and place your order without breaking a sweat.


Address: 595 S Broadway Ste #105E, Denver, CO 80209

[8] Design it Yourself

This is a custom furniture business that lets you have what your room deserves. The company is great because it will come up with designer pieces for each of your rooms. They can create chairs, stools, tables, TV stands, cabinets, and beds, depending on your descriptions. Some of the latest tools are used to create your furniture in the perfect way possible.

Design it Yourself encompasses teams of artisans who are keen on detail each time they craft something for clients. Though the price depends on the product you need, you won’t feel financially strained to purchase their craftsmanship.


Address: 5850 E Evans Ave, Denver, CO 80222

Where To Find Best Furniture Sellers in Colorado

Colorado is a Western US state with a population of 5 million individuals. Therefore, to find the best furniture for your home, you must look carefully. This is because many stores are looking to lure you into purchasing their products. That said, here is how you can find the best furniture sellers in Colorado.


Denver is one of the biggest cities in Colorado, with a population of over 700,000. The city is marked with modern homes that deserve some of the best furniture the country can provide. This implies that the showrooms are in stiff competition, so they are compelled to produce top-quality furniture.

Colorado Springs

The city has at least 600,000 residents. According to many buyers, after Denver, Colorado Springs has some of the best artisans who produce irresistible furniture. These include TV stands, living room sofas, beds, kitchen cabinets, stools, and many more. Due to an ever-rising competition, the companies have no option but to utilize their most extraordinary artistic skills in furniture production.


Though other cities might have the best furniture, Aspen is simply on a different level. This is the place to visit if you need uniquely designed furniture that is also affordable.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are a new homeowner or just looking to improve your home décor, you need to get the best furniture from trusted dealers. The companies listed in this article have shown that they have what it takes to serve your needs. Be sure to contact them as soon as possible, and they will give you the best deals. The list was also created based on the affordability of the items sold by the companies, so you better check them out.